Monday, August 15, 2005


Here it is, blog number three for me. So as to provide some kind of order, my LJ is still going to be for my day-to-day thoughts, Take On... will still be for essay length articles, and either might still be infested by the occasional sports post. This will be where I do most of my sports writing from now on, and will probably see more sports posting than I've tended to do in the past. Common topics will include:

The Washington Nationals
The WFU Demon Deacons
Baseball Travel (including my goal of seeing baseball in every state)
Stats Geekery (and my tendency to invent new stats when bored)

And just generic posts about baseball, football, college hoops, cricket, lawn darts, curling, freerange llama racing, or any other sport that strikes my fancy to write about at the time.

So. Enough introduction. On to the blog.


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