Monday, August 15, 2005

Baseball travel

I think I've mentioned this twice already, once in the description text of this blog, and once in the introductory post of this blog, but baseball travel is my own little term for a goal I've recently created for myself. Well, it's really a goal that I've stolen from another baseball fan friend of mine. The idea is to see baseball games in all 50 states. I'm not thinking about MLB games, cause that's quite impossible without a massive expansion/relocation of the league. Or even MLB/MiLB, which is still not quite possible.

Now, in reality, I would love to turn this into a book, one season, 50 states...but that's a pipe dream, cause it would require some serious financing by either a lottery win, or by some sports site like ESPN or CNNsi. Yeah. Not happening. Fun to dream about, though.

Anyway, I'm going to plan to keep a link over there on the righthand side with my current baseball map, the same one presented, well, right here.

So far I've got eight states (I'm including the District, because I'm not SportsCenter), which I might write up in the future as memories:

CA: Angels
DC: Nationals
FL: St. Pete Cards (MiLB)
MD: Orioles
NC: Demon Deacs (college)
PA: Phillies
TX: Astros (in the Dome)
VA: Prince William/Potomac Cannons/Nats (MiLB)

Eight down, 43 to go. One more likely added this season.


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