Sunday, November 27, 2005

Comparing teams...

So. What do Wake Forest and FSU football have in common? As of the most recent AP polls, neither are ranked. Who has the longer active losing streak? Well, at three games going on four, it looks like FSU, as Wake only strung together two losses to end the season.

Now, am I saying that we're a better football program than the Noles. Well, not as such. But it is nice to feel a little superior at times.

Far be it from me to defend The Interlopers, but I don't understand how it is that BC didn't get the Atlantic Division bid into the ACC championship game in Jacksonville. Yeah yeah, head-to-head and all that, but you look at FSU at 7-4 and unranked vs BC at 8-3 and 19 in both AP and Coaches, and will likely be a little higher than that when the BCS comes out. This is for an automatic spot in the BCS, and we're giving that opportunity to an unranked team? No.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Marlins shopping around

Well, the day after the latest Marlins fire sale started, there's an interesting annoucement from ESPN that makes it look like they've given up on getting a new stadium in Miami/Dade. There are several directions that blame could be pointed in this issue, but most of them seem to go back to Miami. Dade County and the Marlins ownership have been working in best faith, and the city of Miami didn't come through, and ended up harpooning a deal that would move the Marlins to a baseball only facility next door to the Orange Bowl.

And so, they're left in a position where the city has told them to shove off, their stadium has told them to shove of so...well, what's keeping them in Miami? The fans? They're already flirting with one of the worst attendance numbers in the MLB, and they've killed off any fan interest by buying championships then launching fire sales. Says something that 80+ years of failure in Boston and Chicago has created die hard fans, and winning 2 world series crowns in quick order after being chartered hasn't. Mostly that's because the championships were won of cynicism, they were completely bought, and then the team was sold.

So, where do the Marlins go? Well, we've got the other finalists going after the Expos: Portland and Las Vegas. Of the two, only the latter has actually met with Marlins officials. I've not really heard any buzz about Portland gearing up for the next team, unlike the mayor of Vegas, who has been pushing and pushing for a professional team, mostly baseball. There are two problems, though. First is that Vegas is associated with gambling, which baseball has shown it considers worse than gambling (look at the punishments of Rose vs Palmeiro). Second is that it would immediately be the smallest market in MLB, and really reliant on tourists to fill the stadium as much as residents.

Of course, the biggest problem with Vegas also makes it the easiest place to move. Gambling might not be something that the sport wants to be associated with, but that's where the money is. Vegas could probably get a stadium built rather easily. Get a casino to fund it, let it put its name (but not machines) all over the damned thing, and you've got a nice roofed-in stadium, a necessity for a Vegas ballteam.

Where else could they go. San Antonio? It has only one team among the big four sports, but their priority is almost entirely football. Brookyln? Some people are actually arguing that it's time for NYC to become a three-team market. Norfolk? Indianapolis? Tulsa? Austin? Oklahoma City? Seattle? San Fransisco too?

Wait, sorry, slipped into Huey Lewis lyrics for a moment there.

Thing is that any city would have to have both the desire to go after a team, and the ability to support a team, and with DC removed from the picture, the number of cities that applies to is diminished.

Then...there's the big 'C' word. Contraction. Of course, the question would be who the contraction partner would be. Then, there's the fact that MLB still owns a certain team called the Washington Nationals. This isn't something I really want to think about.

It does however sound like the countdown is starting with regards to Miami baseball. I think that this announcement that they are officially pursuing relocation will either force Miami to put up, or will be the death knell, as it will just foster more potential fan disinterest in the team.

This could all be great news for the DRays, as they will become Florida's team. Especially with their actual committment for regrowth. Could be good for the Nationals too, with the back and forth between baseball and the city (assuming there's no contraction), because there won't be any way to threaten removal of the Nationals to another city, because the Marlins will be much higher priority to move.

Will be interesting to see what cities talk to the Marlins ownership.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


If you read this blog, you may have noticed this already, but it'll probably be quieter during the baseball off season, except to occasionally rant at not having an owner, and how it's screwing over the Nationals. I could end up talking Manning Bowl, Spurs, and Deacs, but not as much. With one exception.

It's almost time for the Olympics. Oh how I love the Olympics. I especially love the Winter games, as there is Curling in the winter games. Hopefully, like in 2002, CNBC will be All-curling-all-the-time. Cause there's just no other time to get to watch the finest of sports than during the Olympics.


One of the few sports that's right up there with Baseball in my book.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Poor Old Vinny. So Long Vinny

That's the big breaking news tonight, ladies and germs, Vinny Castilla is hitting the road, and will be travelling West to play as a Padre (barring, of course, any second trade involving him, or retirement). Unless Leather Pants decides to bring in another senior third baseman, this means that Dutch is quite likely going to be the opening day starter at third base for the 2006 Nationals campaign.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Quick quiz...

What does the problem with the BCS have in common with Soylent Green?

They're both people.

There we go, there's the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. The biggest problem with the BCS is the PEOPLE! Not the computers. The people have their biases. The people create the standings momentum wherein teams get rewarded for their preseason ranks. The people have their little ideas about which teams "deserve" to be in the top ten, even with two losses, while one loss teams get to languish. The people are then the ones who get all upset when unbiased machines mess up what they "know" is right.


I really hope that VTech wins this weekend, because that's really going to make things come to a head. That's going to really force the human voters to decide if Texas really deserves to be ranked ahead of a team that has beaten three straight ranked opponents.

Let's see what happens.