Sunday, November 27, 2005

Comparing teams...

So. What do Wake Forest and FSU football have in common? As of the most recent AP polls, neither are ranked. Who has the longer active losing streak? Well, at three games going on four, it looks like FSU, as Wake only strung together two losses to end the season.

Now, am I saying that we're a better football program than the Noles. Well, not as such. But it is nice to feel a little superior at times.

Far be it from me to defend The Interlopers, but I don't understand how it is that BC didn't get the Atlantic Division bid into the ACC championship game in Jacksonville. Yeah yeah, head-to-head and all that, but you look at FSU at 7-4 and unranked vs BC at 8-3 and 19 in both AP and Coaches, and will likely be a little higher than that when the BCS comes out. This is for an automatic spot in the BCS, and we're giving that opportunity to an unranked team? No.


At 9:55 AM, Blogger El Gran Color Naranja said...

You definitely have a better coach than FSU.

I'm anxiously awaiting the Swofford interview at the title game

Reporter: "Aren't you a little disappointed by the first title game match-up in ACC history"

Swofford: "Disappointed? Look at that guy buying two cokes. KA-CHING! And the t-shirt stand is hopping. KA-CHING! And look at all those TV Cameras. KA-CHING! KA-CHING! Best title game ever."

Reporter: "But you have a team which is clearly not one of the two best teams in the ACC playing for a BCS slot, arguably..."

Swofford: "I don't even know who you are talking about. Who's playing? Who cares! I'm too busy counting all this money!" (Swofford throws cash in the air then rolls around in it)


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