Tuesday, April 03, 2007

NIH: Nook to the DL, no word on Guz (yet)

Stuff is still breaking and I'll likely edit this post as I have more information, but the initial indications are the Nook Logan will be spending some time on the 15 day DL, with his lost play time being estimated anywhere between those 15 days and the rest of the month. Kory Casto will take his spot on the 25-man.

No word yet on the reevaluations of Guzman.

Edit: Best I've found on Guzman is that he will not be starting today, but there's no sign of him being moved to the DL. Wilson will be starting at short, which is another sign that the team views this as a short term injury, as team sources stated that a long term injury would result in Lopez sliding back to short from second.

Edit number two: Jim Bowden was on Channel 9 WUSA tonight, and stated that Guzman was placed on the DL at about 5:30pm this evening.


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