Saturday, March 04, 2006

Back into baseball

It's been a long and mostly quiet off season here at the thurdl sports page. That's because I don't get a lot of the intricate stuff that goes on in the off season, so the best I could do would be copy the entries of some of my fellow Natsphere bloggers. But, now we're back to something I understand: Playing baseball!

Some of the things that have happened in the off season. Or not happened. We still don't have a stadium lease signed by both parties (though that could change by Monday). We still don't have an owner, as that is pending the previous. We still don't have a GM that cares about the team, something that I think is rather self evident in what's been going on. Bowden must see the writing on the wall. The remaining ownership groups all have GMs in mind, and I don't think it's Bowden in any case. So he's a lame duck.

We've got an outfielder who wants to play second base, and might force us into an unprecidented-in-modern-era labor dispute. We've got an outfielder who played injured all season and, surprise surprise, injured himself in the process, so he's out until a month starting with 'J', and that's just when he'll be ready for a rehab assignment down in Potomac.

And now we don't even have the clothing trademark for the team name, thank you very much Bygone Sports, trademark squatters. Plus we've got the sports media saying that baseball is failing in DC because we only drew 2600 fans to our preseason opener down in Viera.

But none of that matters to me right now, because in under ten minutes, tickets go on sale for opening day. This whole post, in fact, is a way to get me to stop hitting refresh for a few minutes, but I'll be going right back into it. The one thing that always gets me to take heart is to remember this: We may not have an owner, a stadium, a name, or an outfield...but we do have a baseball team. They'll suck, but they'll suck in RFK, not Stadia Olympique. Or Cashman Field. Or Beaver Stadium. Here. DC. Baseball!



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