Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Phils 4, Nats 3 Just frustrating

These are the kinds of games that are just frustrating. We stay in it, when we potentially don't deserve to, just to fall short. And not just fall short, but fall short by having a rally fall flat when two PH are brought in (though one was for Guzman: The Rallykiller), and some really questionable decisions near the end of the game. Especially pinch hitting for Schneider, one of our more reliable bats.

Yeah, maybe Wagner does slice through lefties, but I'd rather have lefty Schneider in there than the Rule V albatross that is hanging around our necks. Seriously, I know that sending Blanco down means forfeiting him, but is that really such a bad thing at this point? Is he really contributing something to the team? Lose him, and bring up Short, and we've not had any net loss of infielders, and Short at least has some proven PH success at the Majors level (and is much more likely to start a game than Blanco).

So another one-run loss. At least we're not stuck in that streak of one-run losses anymore. But that doesn't really make it feel any better.


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