Sunday, September 18, 2005

The ethics of Fantasy Football

My Wombats are about to improve their record to a glorious 2-0 record. Right now I'm a point down, but that's with a quarterback still to go and my opponent's team all in the locker room. This in spite of the fact that I have a 29 point defense and 16 point quarterback sitting on my bench. What can I say, much like the Nationals did for awhile, my team is likely going to win in spite of poor coaching.

But I came close to having to make a rather major decision. Had I put in the correct defense, I'd be ahead of my opponent with a QB left to play, putting myself into a position where it would have been a strategically wise choice to bench my QB, take the zero points, and coast into a win. However, I would feel kind of dirty. It's a perfectly legal and legitimate move, but is it really good sportsmanship, especially in something like a no-money fantasy league? Were they strangers, were this for money, I'd have that QB on the bench as soon as I had things wrapped up, but where is the line?

Ah well, guess I should take my hopeful win, be happy about it, and not worry about the philosophy of fantasy football.


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