Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Speed Round

Item: I wish the Nats would decide if they want to be in the WC race or not. They're just right there on that netherworld line where they're not entirely in it, and they're not entirely out of it either. Pick one. Let me get my heart into a final push over the last three weeks, or let me look forward to next year. Though big love for the team being only 4 out of the WC so damn late in the season. No matter what else can be said, we've still kicked the asses of most expectations of us.

Item: Well, looks like another brilliant season for Wake Forest football. Two games played, two games lost, and who the hell decided it was a good idea to go play at Nebraska. I think the game was set up back when it briefly looked like we were on an uptick rather than just having a fluke good season.

Item: First week of football, and it still doesn't seem like they should be playing already. Good on the Saints winning (but see the next). But my poor Pack...held without a touchdown for the first time since 2000? By the Lions? We'll see what happens this week at Lambeau, as domes have always been Favre's kryptonite. But how much longer does he really have in him? I love the guy, I think he's the best QB playing and possibly one of the top five of all time, but even he is going to hit his limit. Redskins? That was more of a luck win than skill.

Item: The Saints. Okay, this is touchy. I feel for New Orleans, and everything that they went through, but I hate when I'm told that I have to cheer for a team. And right now, I feel like I'm being told I have to cheer for the Saints. I don't wish them ill, I just don't want to be told every few hours that they're "America's Team" or have it assumed that everyone has to be cheering for them. I'm not cheering AGAISNT them but...well, I also didn't start magically cheering for the New York teams after 9/11.

Item: Bones. Good TV.

Item: My Wombats, my fantasy football team, has started 1-0, mostly thanks to a last minute replacement of Big Ben instead of Green as my starting QB. That accounted for my win margin, I think.


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