Saturday, September 10, 2005

Glimmer of Hope

Right now it's 10 til 8 on the east coast, and I'm blogging as fast as I can, because I fully expect that the situation this entry is about will soon change. Right now with over 20 minutes in the book, FSU, one of the biggest football factories in the nation, is tied 3-3 with The Citadel, a school that isn't even considered a powerhouse in I-AA ball.

20 minutes, and they cannot solve The Citadel defense.

This makes me feel better about the WFU/FSU game than I have in years...or would if we weren't being dropped by Nebraska 14-0 with time still left in the first quarter, with a loss to Vandy already under our belts.

So, I'm just going to savor the schadenfreude of FSU struggling against The Citadel for as long as it lasts.


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