Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Sox and Early Withdrawl

What the White Sox did was not just win the World Series. Saying so somehow just doesn't describe what they did. The White Sox just pulled off a complete and total domination of the post season, the likes of which probably aren't even topped by the 11-1 run that the Yankees had in '99. They swept the defending champs. They threw four complete games after their only stumble against the Angels. Then, just for good measure, they swept the Astros. Only shame? They won every series on the road, because part of what I loved about watching the Sox were those South Side fans. They deserved a home series victory.

And, amazingly enough, they made domination FUN TO WATCH! There was the schadenfreude of watching Red Sox Nation get crushed so completely. There was the jaw dropping amazement at watching their pitchers mow through the Angels without so much as batting an eyelid at the bull pen. And the World Series. Swept series should not be as good as that one, but with the Astros in each game, they were each, individually, great games to watch. The fact that all four ended with the ChiSox on top should not be seen as a weakness of the series, but as the strength of that Chicago team.

That said... pitchers and catchers report yet?

After what's been my most active year following baseball since my childhood, this is going to be a loooong winter. Sure there's all the Nats ownership drama and stadium angst to follow, but I want games! Thank god for the World Baseball Classic, which I'll be blogging about heavily. Check this space soon for my picks.

With the baseball season ending, this blog won't go dormant, but updates might be a little more widely spaced than they are now. Sure I'll talk football (when I'm not too depressed about the Packers), college gridiron action (when I'm not spitting in rage about people spitting in rage about the BCS), and might even talk about the NBA even though, well, yawn. Don't really follow that until the post season.

God. I miss baseball already.


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