Friday, October 21, 2005

Under Construction

What team in their right mind starts a new advertising campaign during the World Series? A team that has nowhere to go but up. And a team that has a lot of places to go from here. Thus it is that the Devil Rays have kicked off their Under Construction campaign. Other than the garish yellow colors, it's a nice campaign so far. Commercials are being aired where various bits of construction equipment are compared to baseball equipment. It looks like the new managing owner is serious as hell about turning things around, and about getting people behind this team. Great job, thus far. Looking forward to seeing what else they trot out.

Hell, it's better than following the Nationals right now. Rays not only have an owner, but an owner that actually seems to care about the team. And how much love for the game do you need to care for the lowly Devil Rays?


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