Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Final vote passes 9-4

The stadium will be built. The long wrangling is over. I think Boswell has put it best: "the Nationals are here -- the Nats are home -- for good." Amen.

In WBC news, the US managed an opening round shutout of rival Mexico. Italy looked surprisingly strong in a seven inning mercy kill of the Aussies. The Dominican Republic opened a 9th inning can of whoop ass in what will likely be the first of three games against Venezuela. Panama held tough but fell 2-1 to the heavily favored Puerto Ricans. And right now, Canada had to come from behind to take a 7th inning lead against the uder-underdog South African team.

There are some surprises in there. I thought PR would have an easier time with the Panamians, who may not be the doormats I expected when predicting the Dutch would advance from that pool. I don't expect any more wins out of the Italians or Aussies, but the level of demolition that the Italian team laid down was a magnitude greater than I expected, and maybe they'll make for an interesting game against the two new world juggernauts in their pool. Either South Africa is stronger than expected or Canada is weaker, but that does seem to point to the Pool B qualifiers being the US and Mexico. Which is good, nice to get at least one more game against the team that has, historically, been our biggest baseball rival. Venezuela gave up 11 runs with what was supposed to be one of the best bullpens in the tournament, not quite sure what was up with that.

As far as Nats who got play today:
Dominican Republic:
Soriano went 0-5 for the Dominican team, with on GIDP.
Castillo had a slightly better showing going 1-4 plus a walk for the Dominicans

United States:
Schneider started at catcher for the US team but was blanked in two at bats
Cordero pitched one inning, and took out the side with only 11 pitches, earning a hold
Majewski did not play

No other Nats saw action today.


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