Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Drays of sunshine

Welcome to my sport blogs identity crisis, as curling has wrapped up for many many months, and I find myself just one voice among many in a Natmosphere that is teeming with probably the best collection of blogs for any team in MLB, or perhaps in any American professional league. So, it's likely just going to be my various thoughts about sports in general for awhile, unless I find a really good angle. Dunno. I'm thinking about starting to track exNats like I did during the WBC.

But that's not today. Today is just damned depressing. I was flipping back and forth between the Amazing Race and the game today. Yeah yeah, I was all excited to get MASN, and yet I'm watching the Amazing Race, while people who would strangle a cable executive to get MASN don't get to see any of the game. But I happened to flip to the game and noticed that Vidro was up.

With the bases loaded.

And no one out!

Against Pedro! Holy crap on a stick!

Well, I think everyone who follows the Nats knows this story. Vidro strikes out, Guillen GIDPs, and the Nationals strand yet more runners, which looks like it's going to seriously be the story of our season. Again.

Later tonight, I was checking the scores around the majors, and I noticed that my AL team of cheering was wrapping up a game agaisnt the Orioles. For those who missed it, I've been sort of a closeted DRays fan since their inception, and decided to just say screw it, come out of the closet, and cheer them on, especially now that they have an owner that gives a damn. Well, the Rays managed to pull out a three run victory against Angelos's boys, which is actually two pieces of good news in one: Rays win, Os lose. Hell, the boys from St. Pete actually managed a damned grand slam in the 8th inning, something I'll be surprised if the Nats can pull off this season. They've taken just 2 out of 6 gaves against the birds so far, but augmented that with two out of three won in what used to be called Skydome, and they're off to a 4-5 start.

Yeah, it's early in the season, but it means they're right with the AL East pack. Ain't gonna stay that way, but it's fun for now.

And then i realized something, and it made me even more depressed about the Nationals. The Devil Rays, of all teams, are my ray of sunshine right now. The team I'm following that's actually doing marginally better.

If it weren't 11:15pm when I realized this, I'd probably be drinking.


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