Friday, April 07, 2006

WMC: 1/2 Page Playoff

First of the Page Playoff games is in the book. Featured the top seeded Scottish team against the always heavily favored team from Canada. Had all the makings of a hell of a match. Well...

The game lasted all of six ends, at which point the Scottish team conceded the match having been outscored 8-2. The Canadians just made the Scots look silly. They were off their game the whole time, with skip Murdoch only managing to shoot 52%, and his third only managing one percentage point higher. Meanwhile, the entire Canadian team was shooting between 83-89%. That's hell to fight against, even if you're shooting your best.

End-by-End breakdown.

End 1: Scottish hammer. Canada steals 1. 1-0 Canada
End 2: Scottish hammer. Canada steals 3. 4-0 Canada
End 3: Scottish hammer. Canada steals 1. 5-0 Canada
End 4: Scottish hammer. Scotland scores 1. 5-1 Canada
End 5: Canadian hammer. Canada scores 3. 8-1 Canada
End 6: Scottish hammer. Scotland scores 1. 8-2 Canada
--Scotland Concedes--


US/Norway on tap for 7pm, winner plays Scotland.


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