Thursday, April 06, 2006

WMC: Day Six Preview

Here it is, last day of the Round Robin already. Last big curling tournament until November is winding down, but at least we've got one more day of action, and what a day it is. I figure everyone sporting at least 4 wins is in mathematical contention right now, even though they'll need perfection and help just to make the tiebreaker draws.

None of the four teams with 5-4 records play each other today, so it's remote but not impossible to all four to improve to 7-4. As soon as a fourth team hits at least seven wins (there's just the US and Scotland there right now), the four win Aussies and Germans are going home. That's the magic number today. I'd not be surprised if that's the cut off line. Canada needs just one win to create a trio better than seven, and I think at least one of the 5-4 teams will pull off a perfect last day of curling.

Enough of that, let's look at the matchups. Let's look at ALL the matchups. The teams listed second in each matchup will have the first end hammer. Check back through the day, and I'll be updating this post with scores and records as the draws end.

Draw 15 (9am)
Norway 8 v Japan 5
Switzerland 8 v Ireland 2
Germany 6 v Denmark 7
Finland 7 v USA 5

Draw 16 (2pm)
Scotland 6 v Switzerland 2 [Scotland thru to Page Playoffs, Swiss eliminated]
Australia 4 v Norway 5 [Norway thru to at least Tiebreaker]
Canada 6 v Finland 4 [Finland eliminated, Canada thru to at least Tiebreaker]
Sweden 8 v Germany 3

Draw 17 (7pm)
USA v Canada [Winner thru to Page Playoffs]
Denmark v Sweden [Win puts Sweden in tiebreaker]
Ireland v Scotland [No effect on advancement]
Japan v Australia [Both already eliminated]


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