Saturday, April 01, 2006

WMC: Day One Preview

It's a short day of curling on the Lowell ice, with only two draws scheduled, and opening ceremonies in place of what would normally be the second draw of the day. The four teams I'm following have the follow matchups in the draws:

Canada: Sweden, Bye
Finland: Switzerland, Norway
Scotland: Australia, Bye
USA: Bye, Ireland

If anyone wants to watch the scores live online, you can find them at the official tournament site here. Each day of the bonspiel I'll plan to give a preview of what matches each of the four Tornio semifinalists have that day, then a recap of the days action, both in those matches and in any other important match.

There are six matches I'm really looking forward to, which would be when the four teams I'm following will be playing each other. For anyone else looking ahead, this is what draws those matchups will happen during. In each case, the second country listed has last stone first end advantage.

Draw 5 (7pm April 2): Canada v Scotland
Draw 8 (7pm April 3): USA v Scotland (Dubbed Scottish Tartan Night)
Draw 14 (7pm April 5): Scotland v Finland
Draw 15 (9am April 6): USA v Finland
Draw 16 (2pm April 6): Finland v Canada
Fraw 17 (7pm April 6): Canada v USA (Dubbed the Battle of North America)

Page playoffs will happen April 7, if needed. Semifinal on the 8th, final on the 9th. It's going to be the same page playoff setup as before. 1v2, 3v4 during the page. Semi is the loser of 1/2 and the winner of 3/4. Final is the winner of that game and the winner of 1/2.


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