Monday, March 27, 2006

FWWCC: Coming soon to ESPN2!

It took me a little while to figure out exactly how the playoff round of the FWWCC was going to work, since it's different than the Olympic tournament, which had 1v4, 2v3, then a championship between the two winners. FWWCC works as follows.

A: 1v2
B: 3v4 (loser eliminated)

C: A loser v B winner (loser eliminated)

D: A winner v C winner (winner crowned champion)

So, during the page playoffs, the US and Sweden met for the second time, and Sweden walked away with the win, forcing the US to the semifinal game (game C) against Canada, who defeated Germany. The US rebounded against Canada with a 2 point 10th end that gave them a 8-7 victory, so advanced to play their third game against Sweden where...

...oh, before I say the result, I'd like to say that someone at ESPN was obviously paying attention to the ratings numbers that Olympic curling did for CNBC. Thus, they apparently did what I hoped they would do, head to the FWWCC to get some footage. I think the original plan was to turn it into a 2 hour show on the whole tournament, but since the US advanced to the final, instead they'll be showing a 2 hour edited down version of the US/Sweden final game. That's why I stopped a second ago. For anyone who would like to see the game, it's on ESPN2 at 2pm this coming Sunday. If anyone cares about not being spoiled about the result, you can find the official USA Curling press release here.


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