Thursday, March 23, 2006


I think the Soriano game yesterday has been covered in as many different ways as a game can be covered, and I couldn't provide anything but an amalgamation of information from the other Natosphere blogs. So, let's look at something else.

Bud Selig announced yesterday that he's working to bring the All Star Game to Kansas City sometime between 2010 and 2014. This announcement pisses me off. Not because I want him to leave a spot open for DC to get an ASG before 2038, but because it speaks as much to what he isn't announcing as to what he is.

There's still no owner for the Nationals.

Now, there are some possible ways this is okay. They could be working out the final contract negotiations with a selected owner. They could be waiting to have it be a big surprise announcement at the home opener (my secret hope). Or, it could be that Selig is once again sitting on his hands and demonstrating that he doesn't give two damns (or even a quarter of a damn) about the future of the Washington Nationals. That he couldn't be bothered making the most important decision that is facing baseball right now, and instead wants to fiddle around with who gets all star games in 4-8 years time.

I hope I'm wrong, but if I am, couldn't baseball at least announce that the process is in motion? Announce that they're working with a selected owner but due diligence doesn't allow them to announce who it is. Say that they'll let the world know on the diamond at RFK on April 11th. Just say something to make us think that they're not completely ignoring the Washington ownership situation.



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