Monday, April 03, 2006

WMC: Day Three Preview

There are a few big questions today.

Question: Are the Canadian and Finnish teams going to continue being paper tigers?
Question: Is the Swiss team for real in this tournament?
Question: Can the Norwegians capitalize on the opportunity to be giant killers?
Question: Can the US continue its winning ways against the Murdoch rink?

Team Fenson managed two victories on the Pinerolo ice against the Scottish team that they will be closing out today against, and that was without the benefit of home ice and a home crowd behind them. That would seem to put everything into the US's favor, but at the same time, this is curling, and the main reason for the round robin is that upsets do happen. Wow. Crazy to think that Scotland over the US might actually be an upset.

Anyway, today's draws for the four teams I'm tracking:

Canada: Germany, Bye, Ireland
Finland: Sweden, Japan, Bye
Scotland: Norway, Bye, USA
USA: Bye, Norway, SCOTLAND

That Scottish/USA match is the central part of what's being called "Scottish Tartan Night". Not sure what that'll entail.


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