Sunday, April 02, 2006

WMC: Day Two Recap

Good day for the United States and Scotland. Bad day for U15 and the Canadians.

First the good. The United States followed up their opening win yesterday with two more today. Japan conceded after just eight ends, with a final score of 9-4. The Denmark team put up a fight, taking a 5-2 lead after six ends, but the United States closed out the last three ends scoring 3, 1, and 2.

Scotland managed a nine end victory over the Swedes in early action, winning 9-7 (with the Swedes taking two in what would turn out to be the last end). Then, they went on and defeated the Canadian team in late action, a game they took control of by stealing three straight ends for a total of four points, and never looked back.

Thus it is that the US and Scotland find themselves tied with the Swiss atop the ratings.

Now for the bad. Canada and Finland combined for an 0-3 record today. The Canadians lost in late action to the Scots, but what was more surprising what that they needed a 2 point 10th end just to force a tie with the Australian team, then dropped the match in the extra end. It looked like the Canadians were going to play close but pull through until the Aussies took the lead in the seventh. Canada tied it up in both the 8th and 10th ends, but to no avail.

U15 lead his team against the Germans today. After a blanked first end, Germany used the hammer advantage it carried over to score two in the second, and never looked back, ultimately felling the Finns 7-4.

Thus the standings. It's easier to sort the teams by record, since there are three at 3-0 and nine at 1-2.

3-0: US, Scotland, Switzerland
1-2: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Sweden

Right now that puts the leaders at a very solid two games ahead of the pack, and seems to set up a certain demarkation in the field. Look ahead to tomorrow when two of the three undefeateds will play, and the Norway team gets a chance to be a giant killer, going up against both the US and Scotland. But I should save all of that for my Day Three preview.


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