Saturday, May 13, 2006

NIH: Catchers play musical DL

Schneider came back the other night, but not for long. Apparently his hamstring problem is a little more severe than originally thought, and is reporting that he's been moved to the 15-Day DL.

So, that leaves us with one catcher, right? Wrong.

The slight good news is that Fick is ready to come back, so he's being recalled from his rehab assignment and the 15-Day to serve as LeCroy's backup until Schneider is ready to return (though whether it'll be starter/backup or a platoon is yet to be seen). When Schneids does return, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Will Fick stay with the big league club to act as an emergency catcher? If so, who goes down? Some of the talk is that Church might be getting an undeserved return trip to New Orleans. But that's not really injury news.

This will be Schneider's first career trip to the DL.


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