Friday, May 05, 2006

NIH: Guz Gone

NIH is going to be a new occasional feature of this blog. It started with a joke on the Yuda chat that a blog needed to be started about the health of the Nats, but no one thought there'd be enough news. looks like there will be. I'll try to keep up with injuries, research and explain some of them as best I can. All in the name of the Nationals Institute of Health.

It's starting today because there's been a press release: Guzman is going to be lost for the season. There had been a lot of hopes that he'd be able to work out his SLAP tear and start a rehab assignment with the Zephyrs just as soon as they were playing in plenty of warm weather cities. Yeah, I guess the injury was cold sensitive. He's been spending time at extended Spring Training before coming up for a consultation with the Nationals medical staff.

Well, what many people thought would be inevitable has, indeed, happened. Much of the amateur medical talk when the SLAP tear happened was that surgery was inevitable. In fact, there were some fans who wanted the surgery to happen sooner rather than later. Though how much of that was a response to his 2005 numbers, it's hard to say.

So. Would Guzman have a better 2006 than 2005? Hard not to. But now we're never going to find out. Hopefully he'll be completely better for the 2007 season, and ready to put up career average numbers.



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