Tuesday, May 09, 2006

NIH: Knife day for Guzman, Schneider back today?

Guzman's surgery, pushed back from yesterday, will be occurring today, officially ending his season. Everything that I'm reading says there's little worry that the recovery time will be long enough to keep him away from Spring Training this year, but it does mean that, barring a trade or a call up, we're looking at Clayton as the Nationals day-to-day short stop for the foreseeable future.

All hopes are that Schneider was given Sunday's game off to give him a little extra time, especially since Monday was an off game. Tonight the Nationals are taking the field agaisnt the Reds, and I've seen nothing that says that LeCroy is going to be behind the plate, which is great news. The last thing we need to do is stumble into a situation where we discover just how shallow our catching depth is.


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