Wednesday, May 17, 2006

NIH: Guillen day-to-day

Another day, another injury to report. I'll admit, I started this imprint within the blog I wondered how much there would be to talk about. Nationals injuries, how much is there to really talk about there?


Guillen's evening was cut short on Wednesday at Wrigley when he suffered from some strain in his right hamstring. Unfortunately, that's really all the more information available right now, especially with the game still going on right now. We can hope this is a minor thing, but the last time we had someone go off with a hamstring strain, we brought him back too soon, it got worse, and he's now on the DL.

At this point right now it makes better sense to be healthy than rush recoveries. We're not in the running for anything except fourth place in the NLEast. There's also been some talk about flipping Guillen over to a contender in exchange for some fodder to start rebuilding our farm system. DL drops his trade value like hell.

Tomorrow shall be the last post before this blog goes dark for a few days. Look for the NIH Mission Statement.


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