Sunday, July 09, 2006

NIH: What's with JP?

Once again, John Patterson had to leave a game early with problems in the same arm that's been plaguing him for the last few months now. I think it's time that someone realizes that HE'S NOT BETTER YET! Yes, it would be great to have him back and to get some wins out of him, but this is a team right now that needs to have a pitcher can be an ancor of the rotation a few years down the road more than getting wins this season. We don't need wins this season. Hell, at the current rate, losses will help us better since they'll get us a better spot in the draft.

DL him. Now. Put him back on the List, send him down, get him the hell better. The more times we put him out there when he's clearly still injured, the more likely he's going to aggrivate it into something season- or even career-ending. The team right now is gambling with its future, and that really needs to stop.

His arm's dead, and the best we can hope for out of him starting right now is 7-8 innings of the bullpen getting raked over the coals.


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