Thursday, June 29, 2006

NIH: Astacio rehab

As promised, I've been looking for information on Astacio's start yesterday...

It was a decent start up in Connecticut, where the Senators took the win, even if Astacio himself didn't play into the decision. It was only because he didn't stick around in the game long enough to do so, not because of anything he actually did on the mound.

The Box Scores I can find don't seem to believe in pitch count as a stat, but he did face only 13 batters in the four innings that he pitched. The only thing that kept him from facing the minimum was the Defenders first baseman Ishikawa launching one over the wall in the second inning. Astacio did also manage two strikeouts as part of the twelve overall outs recorded.

Not the kind of start that will set the world on fire, but a solid start of the kind the Nationals are hoping to get out of Astacio during his lengthy rehab assignment. I'll be keeping an eye out as to when and at what level his next start will be with.

Aw hell, Hill! Word is that starter Shawn Hill was experiencing stiffness while going against the Blue Jays last night. Hill is expected to be the first guy sent down when the next major league pitcher is ready to rejoin the big league club. I'm suddenly worried as to whether he's going to make it that long, what with our injury luck this season.


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