Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Welcome to the season

While we can't necessarily put ourselves into the WC spot with this six-game home stand, we can go a long way towards losing any chance we had at WC. After the shellacking that was handed down to us by the Reds last time, we really need to turn things around, but this isn't the same whipping boy team that pounded us flat. They've actually gotten better. And the Cardinals haven't gotten worse. I'd say our odds of staying in the WC hunt the rest of the season will be the same as our win percentage this home stand. Take 'em all, and we're going to hold on until October. Drop 'em all, and we're done. Split them, and we still have a chance, but it's going to take some work.

However, I see splitting the 6 games as being the likely outcome. 2/3 against the Reds. 1/3 against the Cards.


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