Friday, August 26, 2005

The Reds Series

I've been trying to think about something to say about the recent (and season) series against the Reds. Best I've come up with? At least we weren't swept.

Seriously. That's about it. The only positive I can find is that we won 1 of 6 instead of dropping the whole sextet. Even things that would otherwise seem good just get rusted. Guillen getting RFK out of his head? Yeah, but we still lost 2 of 3. Good game by Patterson? Yeah, but it was the only of six games against the Reds we won.

Just depressing.

And with the next two series being the Cards and then a trip to Turner, I don't see things looking up anytime soon. Although, once upon a time, we got swept three games by the Reds, came back, drew some blood against the Cards, and went on the tear that was June. If September can be even just 2/3 the month June was, we'll stay in the hunt til the bitter end.


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