Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So here come the Eagles

I will conceed that Boston is, technically, on the Atlantic Coast. However, that's as far as I'm willing to go on BC's worthiness to be included in the ACC. I was against the whole expansion from the moment it was first rumored that the ACC wanted to go to 12 teams for the sole reason of having a football championship game.

Not a good enough reason, damnit.

However, if we had to expand...why BC? With their addition, the distance from the northern to southern tips of the ACC has expanded from 881 miles two years ago, to 1063 miles last year, to now 1500 miles. It's nearly 500 miles removed from the next closest ACC school, just hanging out up there in New England.

Plus, what are we really getting. Sure it looked like they might take the Big East BCS spot in their lame duck season, but they fell apart, and struggled out of conference, including dropping their second game in two years to new ACC division mate Wake Forest. WAKE FOREST! Now, I love my alma mater, but when you're getting beat by us with any regularity, you are not a football power house.

I don't know who I would have preferred. Navy would have been nice, though logistically difficult, as they have three non-conference games expected of them every year, so adding an 8-game conference schedule puts them at 11 games. However, they do play ACC teams on a regular basis, and do match the academic reputation of the conference. They're even getting a lot better in football lately, so wouldn't immediately be a powderpuff in the conference. Plus, it'd be great to have the Army/Navy game, the biggest game that never mattered, as part of the ACC.

Other than that? I dunno. Lure WVU over? But they're not Atlantic Coast (though a better geographical fit that BC), and I think they have some of the same BC problems of looking good because of big-fish/small-pond. Repair the relationship with ACC dropout South Carolina? Questionable at best. Georgia? Florida? Couldn't see them moving. Give up, kick out Miami and VT, and go back to nine teams? Now that's an idea...


At 4:23 PM, Blogger Basil said...

Penn. St. would have never gone for it, I'd suspect, but even JoPa's Nitany Lions would be a better geographical fit.

Whoa, I just thought of one: Charlotte.

---Plays football.
---Decent-sized market (already ACC-saturated, though).
---Pretty good basketball.

I'll never get used to this Boston College thing. At least VT has always made sense (UVa) and Miami does now (FSU).

At 2:56 PM, Blogger thurdl said...

Yeah, I think BC will long be the bastard child of the ACC, even if it only joined one year later than VT and TheU.

Though I did see an article suggesting that letting BC in gave us some leverage to have the ACC championship game be in Gilette Stadium occasionally. Which seems to me the only POSSIBLE plus to their inclusion.


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