Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Green Bay Fan's Lament

My poor Pack.

My poor, poor Pack.

I am, against all logic, a Packers fan. Mostly because my dad, against all logic, was a Packers fan. Both of us started following the NFL at a time in our lives when we lived in a city without a team. He in the pre-Bucs St. Pete, I in San Antonio. So each of us, in our way, became Packers fans. And yes, I was a Pack fan well before Favre lead them to the Super Bowl and glory. A fan of the shell of a former team.

And, from shell they came, and to shell they have returned. For just the fourth time in their long and illustrious history, the Pack is 0-4. And why? Favre might not be having his best season, but he's far from turning into Culpepper. Hell, last night was brilliance, Favre at his best, but it just wasn't enough to overcome the Cats. Yeah, it might be time for him to retire, but it's unfair, those who are saying that he's past his prime. He's still going to go down as one of the top 5 QBs of all time, and probably the best of his era, spanning the distance between Marino and Manning.

But they're still 0-4, and no amount of talk about the brilliance of Favre is going to change that. Who knows where they'll go from here. They do get to play the Vikings twice, and have three games left against what might be the weakest conference in football this season. They may even still Padre their way into the playoffs, but I really doubt that at this point. I'd be, frankly, happy with 6-10, which'd mean playing .500 ball from here out.

They're on bye week now. Maybe that'll let them figure out what's still going right, and catalogue the numerous things that seem to be going wrong.

Only upside? Vikings fans can't touch us. Usually Viks fans would be just downright GIDDY about the Pack falling apart like it has this year. Yet, all one has to say is "so how about Culpepper" and that's that.

Least I can take comfort in the Wombats now being 4-0.


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