Friday, October 07, 2005

ALE fall down...go boom...

Okay. I don't like the ALE. Not necessarily top to bottom, but I mean, come on, let's look at the teams:

Yankees. You love them or you hate them. I think very few people are indifferent about the Yankees (or, at least, no one who follows baseball is indifferent about the Bombers).

BoSox. I'll admit that I was right there on the bandwagon last season. I loved that they won it all, and thought it was great for the city of Boston that they finally undid the "curse". But I'm also one of the ones that got completely turned off by them this year, starting about two days after they won it all, and Schilling thought we cared about his bestest friend George Bush.

Orioles. Come on. I'm a Nats fan. Until they're no longer owned by Peter Angelos...I just can't separate the team and the owner.

Blue Jays. It's still 2005, so they're still officially the dreaded natural rival of the Nationals. Grrrr. Darn those Blue Jays and their Canadian...ness. Okay, I'm indifferent about the Blue Jays.

Devil Rays. I hope they do well. Just because Tampa deserves to finally win some games (I was a big proponent of TB getting a grandmother lived there until she died, and was a big sports fan. She was so happy when they got the expansion team.) They're probably the closest thing I have to an AL team right now. I might be the one Nationals fan looking forward to them coming to town next season.

But, in spite of that, that's 60% of the ALE that I can't stand right now. And 40% of the ALE made it to the playoffs. So today is just a happy happy day. The Wrong Chicago Team knocked the Idiots out of the playoffs, and right now, Lacaoa has forced the Big Unit out of the game after three innings, and is sitting on a lead over the Bombers. If the Bombers turn into the Bombs can you not love watching the ALE fall apart?



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