Friday, September 30, 2005

Operation: Sour Grapes

I've noticed a popular tendency to declare various "Operations" when it comes to Nationals baseball. Operation: 87, Operation:'m sure there's been others. Well, with us eliminated, I can only really think of one thing that matters right now. Spite. Sour grapes. Take as many people down with us as we can!

First strike was down in Miami. We mathematically eliminated them. We deraild the D-Train's chances at the Cy Young by disassembling him at the worst point in the season. A loss like that early on might have been forgotten, but right now, here, in the last week? He's toast.

Well. Now we're in the last series of the season, and it's time to create some more havoc. We can mathematically eliminate the Phillies. We can stop the hitting streak that Rollins is on. Might be a little harder, because the Marlins were a defeated team succumbing to the inevitable, and the Phillies still think they have a chance. Oh, but we'll break a few Philly hearts this weekend, I hope.

Cause I'm bitter.

Operation: Sour Grapes hooooo!


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