Friday, December 02, 2005

Three more ACC thoughts

1) Back to the WFU/FSU comparrisons, guess which school got more first-team football all americans? Did you say FSU? Oooooh, sorry. WFU got one, FSU got skunked. Congrats to punter Ryan Plackemeier. Wonder what it says about our program that our punter is the best player on the team. Though he did lead the nation in 60+ yard punts, has a college career average over 45, and will likely be the first punter to get drafted this year.

ACC accounts for 8 of the 25 spots on the list. Not too shabby.

2) ACC Big-10 challenge. ACC is still undefeated, going 6-5 this year, and now having won all 7 playings of this made-for-TV contest. It's even more impressive to note that the two ACC expansion teams went 0-2, so ACC Classic had a 6-3 record.

3) The first even ACC football championship game is this weekend. Last post I expressed displeasure that FSU is getting a shot, in spite of having a worse overall record than BC, and being unranked. Then I considered. BC played one of the weakest OOC schedules that I've seen, with the toughest contest being against Ball State. By saying that they deserved the spot in the championship, even though FSU beat them on the field, I basically wanted to reward them for lining up Army, BYU, and Ball State.

Fact is that, probably, no one in the Atlantic Division necessarily deserves a shot to kill VT's BCS hopes. Hopefully what should happen is that the Hokies go 2-0 in their short ACC history.


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