Tuesday, March 21, 2006

FWWCC: Mini-robin.

In the three draws yesterday at the Ford Championship, there was an unplanned mini round robin within the full round robin that pitted the three 3-0 teams against each other. Sweden rolled, the Danes crumbled, and the United States split their games:

Sweden-8, USA-5
Sweden-8, Denmark-6
USA-9, Denmark-2 (6 ends)

That last game was just the result of the US tearing the Danes apart, as they put up 1 with the first end hammer, then went on to steal ends of 2 and 3 points, putting up a quick 6-0 lead, taking a 9-1 lead into the fifth end break. When the Danes only managed 1 in the sixth end, they decided to concede, lick their wounds, and get ready for their next match against a surprising Chinese team.

That same team China busted past curling powerhouses Canada (5-4 China) and Scotland (10-5 China) showing that they're not to be messed around with.

Standings are lead by Sweden at 5-0, the USA at 4-1, and then a pack of 6 teams at 3-2. While not mathematically eliminated, it's going to be difficult for anyone currently at 2-3 or worse (Scotland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan) to break into the playoff round, just because of how many teams ahead would have to falter.

But I've been proven wrong before.

Today the United States women face the Scots in the morning draw, Germany in the afternoon draw, and get the late draw off. The leading Swedes have off, Norway, Italy on their schedule, going against two of the 3-2 pack.


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