Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nationals-10, Mets (SS)-2

(Meant to write this yesterday but life got in the way...not that anyone was expecting it or anything, though.)

For the first time this season, I got to sit down and watch the Nats play some baseball, thanks to MASN picking up the preseason game and sticking it on UPN-20 (the Cox deal doesn't start until the regular season). I've got to say, I liked what I saw.

Now, I'm not referring to the game itself, though that was a great win after a long, hard spring training to date. Yes, it was just half the Mets, and it was the half that doesn't have their jobs wrapped up, but the two observations that I would have is that most of our runs were earned and not gifted by errors, and we were playing against people who had a huge incentive to do as much as they could to prove they should make the 25-man. Now, the score probably would have been closer playing the full team, maybe 8-6, but it was a very good showing by the Nationals.

But that's not what I meant by liking what I saw. I liked the broadcast. It just plain looked better than the MASN/UPN broadcasts ever did last year. Those always looked low resolution and grainy, yesterday's looked like it was being filmed with cameras that might have been constructed sometime before the Taft administration. And I like the new broadcast team. It's the first time they've worked together, but they mentioned having known each other for years, so there's a built in chemistry going on there. Yay for that. Last year was an unestablished team with forced chemistry. Here's to hoping they stay a good team, and maybe even stick with the Nationals if they prove to be as enjoyable in September as they were yesterday.


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