Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bygone bye gone?

As noted in Raw Fisher, the company that is sitting on the trademark for the Washington Nationals name seems to have slipped away quietly into the night. Bygone Sports (no link cause there's nothing to link to) has apparently removed its entire web presence, to include the site where they were selling $6 Washington Nationals t-shirts. What this likely means is that there's been a settlement quietly reached between both MLB and Bygone.

What it actually is likely to mean is that Bygone realized that any offer it got would be better than (a) the profits from the shirts and (b) no offer. The latter seemed likely if they pushed back at all, as MLB had expressed no reservations in changing the team name if they got too much pushback from the trademark squatters. Heck, would have been a chance to have all the Nats fans be in a position to buy a whole new set of merchandise.

Hopefully this is the last we've heard of Bygone Sports. And the checklist of things the Nats are lacking is quickly shrinking. As soon as we have an owner, the only two items left will be a full rotation of pitchers, and an outfield.

UPDATE: WTOP is confirming a settlement, with no details of the specifics. (Tip of the pin to Basil for pointing me to this new article.)


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