Tuesday, March 21, 2006

FWWCC: US continues to roll

Another great day for the United States team at Fords. There's still a draw going on right now, but the US is resting, having played and won in the first two draws of the day. First draw resulted in an 11-3 routing of the Scottish team that was conceded after seven ends. Second draw was a 6-5 victory over the Germans, with the victory coming with two in the 9th and a stolen 10th end.

Sweden still looks strong. They started play in the second draw, and beat the team from Norway, and are currently holding onto a slight lead against the Italians.

Netherland team just cannot catch a break. They lost in the first draw today to a Swiss team that had just one previous victory in the tournament to that point, and are right now being demolished by the Canadians, already in a 10-3 hole after 5 ends (and that was with the Netherlanders scoring 2 in the fifth). They're floundering fast, and are going to almost have to settle for not leaving Grand Prairie winless as a moral victory. Only got four more chances at that.

Big news, though, is that McCormick's US team is in a great spot to avenge the trouncing the Curl Girls suffered in Torino. Tomorrow the US starts with the first draw off before facing Italy and Canada. Both are nipping at the heels of the leaders, and looking for big wins to make a case for advancement beyond the round robin. I'll be happy with splitting those games.

Looking ahead to the last day of the robin, the US will close out against the two teams currently at the bottom of the rankings.


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