Friday, March 10, 2006

Next stadium step

Yes, this is my third post in under an hour, but it's on a different topic. The next step towards getting the stadium built has occurred. WTOP is reporting that a DC judge has given the green light for the District to start the process of acquiring land to build the stadium. Some of it is already under District control, but this will let them start the process of claiming through eminent domain the property that was not freely sold.

All of this is getting us closer to the golden shovel moment. I'm seriously considering trying to make it downtown for the ground breaking when it happens, and reporting on it right here, in thurdl sports.

Washington Post has a more detail story on the process. Five of seven landowners have been ordered to clear out. The other two (a trash transfer company, and an "adult-oriented business") are in an active mediation process with the District, so have been exempted from the court order. The get out order has a March 27th deadline. Sounds like the District could have control of all the land by April.


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