Monday, April 03, 2006

WMC: Day Three Recap

Well, looks like we've got some answers. Not many, but some.

Question: Are the Canadian and Finnish teams going to continue being paper tigers?
Answer: This is sort of a mixed bag. The Finland team split its action on the ice today. Behind U15, the Finns beat the Swedish team 6-4 before falling to the Japanese team 6-3. Canada, on the other hand, went on a bit of a tear, blowing through Germany 8-3 and staving off a late comeback by Ireland with an 8-7 victory. Either that or blew Ireland away 10-5. Yeah, I'm confused too. I'm seeing two different final scores on the official site.

Question: Is the Swiss team for real in this tournament?
Answer: After today, possibly not. Was a tough day for the previously undefeated Swiss team, losing a tight one to the Austrians before getting completely blown away by the team from Denmark.

Question: Can the Norwegians capitalize on the opportunity to be giant killers?
Answer: Apparently so. Norway had a tough road ahead, taking on two teams that were going into the day with 3-0 records. And...managed to beat both of them. They eeked out a close win against the Scots, 9-8. Then, for an encore, beat Fenson's Team USA 8-5, scoring four over the last two ends.

Question: Can the US continue its winning ways against the Murdoch rink?
Answer: This was the match that people anticipated it would be. It went back and forth in a rather low scoring affair, ending up with a 4-4 score after eight ends. The United States went into the ninth end with the hammer, and was forced to take a point, giving Scotland the critical 10th end hammer. The Scottish team blew the chance, though, and Fenson was able to swoop in, steal one in the 10th, and put up a final score of 6-4. This puts the US right atop the leaderboard, and gives Fenson's rink a three game win streak over Murdoch's.

Again, probably easier to sort into current records.
4-1: United States
3-2: Canada, Denmark, Norway, Scotland, Switzerland
2-3: Australia, Finland, Germany, Japan, Sweden
1-4: Ireland


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