Thursday, April 13, 2006

WMC: Did you think I forgot?

I'm sure anyone who follows this blog for its curling coverage (both of you) has noticed that I haven't talked about the results of the championship game. Mostly that's because I'm entirely uncertain what kind of coverage it'll be getting. See, this Sunday at 3pm on ESPN2, they're offering two hours of the bonspiel.

Now, with the women's tournament, that meant a two hour version of the championship game. However, the big difference is that the United States was playing for gold in that game, whereas Fenson's rink was eliminated. Will the American sports media cover Canada/Scotland, or will they just give a two hour overview of the tournament, I don't know. And, unfortunately, I'll likely be unable to find out unless I decide to set my VCR to tape it.

Still, tune in if you want to see curling on TV! Maybe next year we can get more than two hours per tournament if the numbers are good.


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