Monday, June 05, 2006

NIH: Zimmerman? Not Zimmerman!

Brendan Harris was playing third base on Sunday as the Nationals completely a sweep of the Brewers. Now, that by itself isn't any problem, Zimmerman deserves days off, and I'm not expecting him to flirt with Ripken's record in another decade. However, it does worry me that the stated reason was not to give him a day off because he's earned one, but rather because he's having back spasms.

Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with back spasms, and that's just a day-to-day kind of injury where a player might get benched the day game after a night game. It's just still a little worrisome that our young buck is having some twinges already.

Patterson watch: John Patterson is scheduled to be the starting pitcher for the Potomac Nationals this coming Wednesday. Now, he's had several rehab starts pushed back, but this time there's finally signs that he's ready to start the rehab. His last bullpen session went just fine, throwing 45 pitches with no report of pain or discomfort. He'll probably go four to five innings, and everthing I'm seeing says this won't be the only rehab start he has down in PW County.

Guillen watch: Today is day 11 of Guillen's trip to the 15-day DL. Now, I'm not so new at this that I think the 15-day DL means he'll be gone exactly that amount of time, but that will be the minimum until we can start looking at him. Unfortunately, I've seen no updates on his condition at any point during while I've been home. Just pulled hamstring with some people (perhaps lightly) concerned there might be one or more other injuries that the Nationals aren't talking about. He is due to extended Spring Training early this week, and that chance to test the injury will give a better idea at how bad it is, and when he might be expected back.

His return may be delayed, as Robinson is quoted saying he wants Guillen back at 100%, not just 85% or 90%.


At 11:05 PM, Blogger Nate said...

And of course, Dutch sat out again tonight vs. the Braves. Surely the Nats "brain trust" just wants an extended look at Brendan Harris... right? Right?

At 11:31 PM, Blogger thurdl said...

The word right now (and this is a preview of my next post) that he was still having some minor back problems, but should be in the game tomorrow.


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