Sunday, July 30, 2006

NIH: Patterson fears realizes...with Ryan Drese

Throughout this season's injury jerk around with John Patterson I had one worry: that rushing him back would make things even worse. Now, a vindication of sorts, as Ryan Drese has suffered a significant setback during his rehab starts.

Bound for the Zephyrs this week, Drese will instead be undergoing that most famous of baseball surgeries, Tommy John, making him about the fortieth National to undergo that this year, by my rough count. This is going to seriously screw over Drese, who will now have to spend a likely minimum of 12 months rehabbing, since the need for Tommy John was caught so late. Could be as much as 18 months, so this is easily his 2006 and 2007 seasons ending. Worse, it could have nearly been his career ending if the crack Nationals medical staff hadn't caught the need for the surgery.

That's a subject for another, more editorial piece I'm working on.

In other Tommy John news, Jose Guillen's surgery was a success, and his long rehab process is now starting.

I know there's been other injury news, but NIH is still trying to get settled into the new Arlington headquarters. Reports will start being more regular again by next week.


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