Monday, July 17, 2006

NIH: Vidro Pulled. Hamstring, not trade

When Jose Vidro was pulled before his second at bat during tonights game in Miami, there was some immediate speculation that he might have been traded at that point. Pull him out of the game, he's no longer our property, don't want him getting injured.

Well, turns out it wasn't a trade. And that he had gotten injured. He strained him hamstring to be specific, though it's being called a minor strain. His hamstrings have not been among the body parts that seem to fall off Vidro every season, so hopefully this is a case of him not paying enough attention to pregame stretches rather than a harbinger of things to come for Vidro.

Tony Armas's most recent return to the team didn't prove to be a horrible one, even if he did get saddled with the loss. He made it just 5 innings, but that's only two outs short of the team average start this season, and he was coming off an injury, so had a shorter hook than he might normally. He managed four strikeouts, but also gave up all four Marlin runs during his 92 pitches. Tomorrow night, Mike O'Conner will be called back up from New Orleans to make some more emergency starts, especially with John Patterson back on the 15-Day.

Rehabbing Ryan Drese got the call for the Harrisburg Senators for Sunday's action against the Reading Phillies, and fortunately didn't have to face the Writing Phillies, or the 'Rithmaticing Phillies.

Okay, that was lame.

Anyway, he got to throw for three full innings with an unknown pitch count, thank you very much imcomplete AA box scores. During that time, he allowed two hits, recorded two strikeouts, and only gave up one walk. The game was a double relief affair, with Phillies pitcher Randy Wolf going for the Reading farm club. Even without an actual number of pitches, Drese is obviously being kept on a rather low pitch count right now if he's only being allowed three innings, and might end up with two or three more rehab starts before he's fully back. Or, he might get pulled up before he's ready like Patterson was if we have a dire need for a pitcher. Which, the way our staff is falling apart and Livan being shopped around, is likely.


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