Tuesday, July 18, 2006

NIH: Strained elbows all around

When Jose Guillen was pulled before his second at bat during tonights game in Miami, there was some immediate speculation that he might have been traded at that point. Pull him out of the game, he's no longer our property, don't want him getting injured.

Wait...have I made this post before?

Strained elbows are painful. They can include swelling, tenderness, a limited mobility of the joint, and limited usefulness of the arm. But enough about your humble blogger and his injury, it would seem that Guillen has also strained an elbow during tonight's game, disappearing before he was able to make his way to the plate twice.

So, yay, second night in a row where one of our potential trade monkeys has gone down in a game, derailing his Trade Equity Train, to borrow a phrase. Then again, Guillen's Trade Equity Train already looked...well, about like this anyway, so I don't know if that's much of a loss. Plus, it lets us put Kearns into his natural position, and get Escobar some play time. So...I'm failing to see a downside to the situation.


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