Thursday, October 19, 2006

NIH: The Offseason and Future

It's been a fun season, and great to dip my feet into the world of the NIH this season. This feature of the blog will probably now be taking a hiatus for the next several months, as there just won't be as much injury news to talk about, other than maybe the occasional press release about how someone is doing in their recovery. NIH will return for the 2007 season, and will do so right here on thurdl sports. I'm still working on any changes that I might want to make to the style and presentation of NIH in the future. Until then, this blog will probably be about curling more than it is baseball, as the season for one happens perfectly during the offseason of the other.

I'd like to thank everyone that's come on board as a reader during this season, and look forward to being back with the NIH in the future. Until then, good health to you all.


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