Tuesday, February 06, 2007

NIH: Reporting Early

It's still a few days before even the pitchers and catchers report, but it's time to get the ole NIH dusted off and ready for a new season during which I hope to have less to report about. However, I look at this roster, and I see a lot of players who were banged up last season, and a lot of players who have that unfortunate label of "injury prone."

It's been an interesting off season in the Natosphere. The Washington Post has started to notice that the blogs exist. Although the NIH is well below most radars, either with the Post, the team, or the team's beat writer, I'm still looking to ratchet things up in the blogs sophomore season. No more rookie mistakes, I'm looking to deliver an improved product. And that starts with a mission statement.

The NIH will strive to be the most concentrated and in depth digestion of Nationals injury news available. Last season I started looking into what the injuries were, and I'm hoping to continue that even more this season.

The other news this off season among the Nats blog was The Interview. I think most of my readers are fellow Nats bloggers, so know what I'm talking about. My official view is that I have no official view. It was what it was, and I hope that the reaction was just a sign that we were all ancy for the season to start, and for something real to talk about and debate.

That said, I will be looking to do some profiles over the next few days of the key players who left last season on the DL and are hoping for healthier seasons this year. Since pitchers report first and since he did end up the subject I talked about the most last season, that will start with John Patterson.

I'm glad to be back for Season Two. Here's to a healthy year.


At 1:43 PM, Blogger Sam said...

Welcome back.

From a non-blogger reader.


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