Saturday, August 20, 2005

What might have been...

I think I could take the anemic ending to this road trip better if it weren't for the fact that the Astros have gone into freefall lately. When we left Houston the last time having lost two of three to the Stros, I figured we were still in good shape, because I felt that Houston would do exactly what it's doing now: fall apart. The WC will go to the second place team in the NLE. Don't worry about the Stros. Certainly not about the Cubs. Right now it's just the Fish, Phils, and Mets that the Nationals need to be concerned with.

Of course, tomorrow could put us in last place in the NLE. That sucks. Last in the NLE with a record that would still have us three games up in the NLW. Of course, worst of the best means playing only two regular season games in October, best of the worst lands you in the playoffs.

Still. Amazing comeback. I love that we managed to put that together, even if it did fall apart in extra innings. 8 runs in the last 9 outs of regulation is nothing to be scoffed at.

And potentially lost in all of this? CHURCH! Two hits, two runs, two RBIs in two at bats. I hope that goes a long way towards turning around his confidence, which will be a big step towards him getting mroe playtime, and potentially some starts. If I were the owner of one of the other Nats blogs that does things like Majority Whip, or Nat of the Night, or whatever else, I'd certainly give it to Church. And yes, ahead of Schneiders 4 RBIs, including the game tying RBI.

I won't even talk about Livan.


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