Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cheer against your own team or you hate America!!

Daily Quicky is perhaps banging the whole "Saints are America's Team" drum louder and more constantly than anyone else (I need to double check, but I think he's mentioned it daily for a week). But today his insanity just crossed the line with the following:

"The Saints as America's Team? Someone forgot to tell the Giants fans...the overwhelming cheers for the Giants indicated the Saints weren't New Yorkers' Team."

At this point I'm trying to decide if Shanoff is crazy, stupid, naive, or some combination of the three for chiding New York fans for cheering for their own team. Is he somehow surprised? Did he actually think that if he said "America's Team" enough, that New York fans (NEW YORK fan) would turn against their own team and support the gold and black?

"Don't try to tell me New York is a fitting "home" for the Saints, that New Yorkers can relate. Didn't hear much empathy Monday night."

The only one expecting any kind of empathy is you. I don't expect any football fan anywhere in the US to cheer for the Saints ahead of their own team, no matter how many times you use that same stupid "America's Team" crap. Let us cheer for who we want to cheer for, and don't act all indignant when we don't cheer for the Saints!


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