Thursday, September 22, 2005

This is the end...

My one true friend. The end.

Well, Frank Robinson apparently trotted out the "yup, we've given up" lineup today. Considering that, in the past, he's stated that he's not going to give the young bucks play time because they're unproven, or some kind of circular logic like that, I have no other way to explain a lineup filled with they guys who have been bench warmers the last month. And, since we went into tonight's game 6 games (and, possibly more importantly, 4th place) in the Wild Card race, with the season ending in two weeks, we probably are out. Not mathematically, but logically.

So. Where are we.

It's September 22nd, and we're conceeding that we're out of the Wild Card race. 6 games back. How many people could have possibly thought that would be the case when this team was moving from Montreal to DC with MLB ownership, and an almost entirely interim cast of characters pulling the strings behind the team, arguably not entirely invested in the future of the team. We were picked to be the only team not competiting in the most competitive division in baseball.

At one point we were 19 games over .500. Let's not think about how few games over we are now, how far we've fallen since that lofty high of 50-31, cause this post is all about me being positive about the team.

We've got the best closer in baseball. Out of nowhere! We've got Patterson gearing up to be just an absolute ace over the next few years. We've got a great first round draft pick, showing some real chops when he's allowed to. This is a team that is so much better than most people were saying they would be, and a team that's going to close the season over .500 quite likely.

And they're doing it all in DC.

So, there we go. This post might be horribly homeristic of me, but I can't be entirely uphappy. Now, I won't say everything went perfect. There were unquestionably things that could be changed. NEED changes. Unquestionably need changes. The team is far from perfect. But right now, I'm being positive, so I'm just going to stop there.


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